My favourite meditations at Insight

In the last period I have tried to build a habit of meditation with the use of Insight Timer app. Here are some of my favourite guided meditations that I have come across there!

1: A beautiful and quiet meditation that gives you the power to sink in deep.The Space of What Is
A deep guided inquiry into the nature of What Is — that from which everything arises and in which everything subsides…

2: This one is kind of weird, but I like it. Steve Nobel takes us on a cosmic journey of releasing energy and bringing in light

3: You can`t make a meditation list, without including one of Sarah Blondin. With her pleasant voice, she takes you along on adventurous, wandering and poetic journey. Whatever you want to do in life, you should at least try one of her meditations.Making Your Life Sacred
This episode explores how your life can be transformed by creating sacred space for all you go through…

4 This one is not for everyone. So let me explain. I often like to listen to a meditative audio while i`m doing an easy chore, like hanging laundries or emptying the dishwasher. What I love about this meditation by Kaitee Tyner is the very casual way it starts. It fits very well doing a chore.

There’s music and some background noises from the group that`s with her during the session. Later Kaitee draws you in to a much deeper level.

I`m curious what you think of it…Guided Grounding Meditation For The New Moon In Scorpio
This is a beautiful guided visualisation recorded during Kaitee’s New Moon Circle for Scorpio. This practice is…